Saturday, September 5, 2009

SparkPeople site

I encourage ANYONE who is trying to be healthier or lose weight to sign up with Then join my group for Veteran's on the MOVE program. They have the BEST way to track what you are eating. When I joined I decided NOT to change anything about what or how I eat. I was shocked to find out how poor my nutritional needs were! I never eat stuff with enough protein, or Potasium (K), yet I consume way too much salt! And, I'm always saying everything tastes too salty... so that shocked me out of my shoes. No wonder my feet swell up like little hippos!! It is automatically changing my diet. I noticed how bad my numbers were when I ate certain things. I still eat those things ...but not as much of them!! I'm trying to listen to the nutritionist I am assigned to. Cut back on sweets, eat more protein, add beans where I can, and eat more meals through the day. So, I don't go so long between meals causing me to pig out. I'm not just breezing though this. It is HARD. But... it is a diet of more food not less!! I can not always eat all that stuff. I am a stubborn soul so i can garanttee I Will eat anything I want. but I would like to lose some of this excess fat so I plan on being flexable enough to know when to cut it down to a small get you fix portion. I Hope you all join me on my quest and your quest to do this!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to all the Veterans on the MOVE

Today, I started a group for Veterans on the MOVE program through the VA Hospital. All Veterans are welcome to join my group at This is our official Blog for this Spark Group. Please everyone Join me and we can actually do this thing together.