Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Food Contest

I found a really fun contest ... all you have to do is tell them how you get free food.

1st Place
One (1) $100 restaurant gift card
One (1) $200 Wal-Mart gift card
One (1) case of Top Ramen

2nd Place
One (1) $200 Wal-Mart gift card
One (1) case of Top Ramen

3rd Place
One (1) case of Top Ramen

RULES: Limit of one entry field per person.

1.To enter you must be a U.S. citizen and 18 years or older.
2.Comments, blog posts, and YouTube videos must all be original. Taking a suggestion or tip and copying/pasting it into a new comment is grounds for disqualification.
3.Do not enter multiple times. Our system will keep track of the entries, and we will be checking for duplicates. Spamming our entry form to receive multiple entries will get you disqualified.
4.Contest judges may disqualify certain entries if they fail to adhere to the above rules, or if they violate our code of conduct (i.e. no inappropriate language or conduct in entries including in comments, posts or videos).
5.Classes and can’t be held liable for the loss of entries, or any legal matters concerning the decisions the winner makes with the prize. We will not reimburse stolen or lost prizes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

SparkPeople site

I encourage ANYONE who is trying to be healthier or lose weight to sign up with Then join my group for Veteran's on the MOVE program. They have the BEST way to track what you are eating. When I joined I decided NOT to change anything about what or how I eat. I was shocked to find out how poor my nutritional needs were! I never eat stuff with enough protein, or Potasium (K), yet I consume way too much salt! And, I'm always saying everything tastes too salty... so that shocked me out of my shoes. No wonder my feet swell up like little hippos!! It is automatically changing my diet. I noticed how bad my numbers were when I ate certain things. I still eat those things ...but not as much of them!! I'm trying to listen to the nutritionist I am assigned to. Cut back on sweets, eat more protein, add beans where I can, and eat more meals through the day. So, I don't go so long between meals causing me to pig out. I'm not just breezing though this. It is HARD. But... it is a diet of more food not less!! I can not always eat all that stuff. I am a stubborn soul so i can garanttee I Will eat anything I want. but I would like to lose some of this excess fat so I plan on being flexable enough to know when to cut it down to a small get you fix portion. I Hope you all join me on my quest and your quest to do this!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to all the Veterans on the MOVE

Today, I started a group for Veterans on the MOVE program through the VA Hospital. All Veterans are welcome to join my group at This is our official Blog for this Spark Group. Please everyone Join me and we can actually do this thing together.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hey they transfered me to Carrollton KY satellite clinic. I LOVE IT! The doctor is a smart man. He has tested me for several things. I DO NOT have ovarian cancer....ahhhhh relief. He is sending me meds I need. I finally feel like I have a good Healthcare provider. Hurray!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maybe It is Ovarian Cancer

Contact your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur:

General abdominal discomfort or pain (gas, indigestion, pressure, swelling, bloating, cramps)
Bloating and/or a feeling of fullness, even after a light meal
Nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or frequent urination
Unexplained weight loss or gain
Loss of appetite
Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Unusual fatigue

These are the symptoms of ovarian cancer.... I have ever single one of them. I feel like If I had a REAL DOCTOR and NOT A VA DOCTOR that I could get the care I need. I wouldn't have to lay awake a night with my extreme abdominal pain wondering if I am actually dying and the VA just doesn't give a chit. I feel like I could get answers if I just had a REAL CAREGIVER!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went for out-patient surgery.

Friday I went for my D&C. When we arrived we were confronted by the VA police and told that the parking was reserved for Valet parking.... Stupid really..... I thought the parking was for veterans and that valet parking was supposed to be a help and not a hindrance. Now it has become one more thing the VA police can harass veterans about. I felt so sorry for the older gentleman that was told we had to park as far from the hospital as possible when all the parking was empty at 6am. Very stupid.... what difference does it make how a veteran's car gets into a veteran's parking space?????
Then we were all told that there is only one elevator that goes to the operating room receiving area. The Guy that was turning on the elevator got smart with me and the old gentleman about why were weren't using the main elevators. I hate people getting smart with you for no reason. We were doing what we were told. It turned out WE were right.
Then, when we got to the Out Patient receiving area, We were greeted by a woman named Barb who asked who was the patient and I told her probably both of us. And she got smart with me and said that they don't get women in there. I told her that I didn't appreciate that comment and found it insulting. She began to say that she was a veteran and that infuriated me to think she would make smart remarks to other female veterans instead of being a patient advocate for all women veterans and providing us health care with dignity! She then proceeded to try and engage me in an argument. I politely asked her not to speak to me and to just do her job. She glared at me the entire time I was in the waiting area. Like I needed more stress just before surgery. I think the entire hospital staff needs sensitivity training on how to treat patients, especially female patients.
The surgery went great. It has worked and the doctor has assured me that it will be more than a temporary fix. The only thing that bug me about the guy is that when you ask for pain medication he acts like you are trying to get high or something. It is offensive. I just want something to kill the pain and it could be tylenol for all I care as long as it works.
I think the staff needs to start putting the veterans FIRST... without us they have no job. Why does every single person you come into contact with at Zorn Ave VAMC seems to have an snide and spiteful attitude towards the very people they are supposed to be caring for? There are a few exceptions.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I found some professionals!

I started out my day at the VA today on the wrong foot. I was stopped by the VA police for going 21 miles an hour!! He said the campus speed was limited to 10 mph! I told him horse and buggy goes faster then that and cars don't even idle that slow anymore. This place can be just plain stupid...... by the way ....I looked as I was leaving and it is posted at 20 mph. Wonder why he stopped me for real?
I was on the 4th floor today to get prepped for My D&C in the morning. These people were great for the most part. They did their jobs and they did them very well, fast, and effecient. I was very impressed. That is the way you should be treated at the hospital or doctor's office. Kuddos to the 4th floor!!
Ok but there were some draw backs too. I have PTSD and as a result I have no friends. My relatives can not take off from work because I am in need of help getting 50 miles to and from My heathcare facility. So, I arranged one person to take me there and one person to pick me up. But they wouldn't let me do that!! WHAT?? No, I need someone that can stay the entire time with me. So they forced me into having to ride with the only person who could help and that is my childhood sexual abuser. Not really great for me!! But ok, I have to do what I have to do... Right? That is what the Army taught me! But then when I was explaining that I live 50 miles away..... They offered to get me a hotel room with my attacker!! I almost lost my mind right there!! It is wonderful that they would do that for most people..... but GEEZ come on!! I don't even feel comfortable having to be alone in the car with this guy. I don't understand why you need someone there while you are in surgery..... They said incase something happened.... that is dumb... what could they do if something happened? And if I died ... I'll still be dead when they get there to pick me up!! Really stupid stuff that makes it hard for people for no apparent reason.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No hysterectomy for you

Ok this GYN Doc is such a hack that he can't even do a hysterectomy. He said it was too risky since I am a heavy woman. BULLSHIT. How stupid are these people? He is going to do a D & C (Dilation and Curettage) which is an outdated procedure that may stop the bleeding for about 6 months. I got a Medicare Card that will be in effect by then and I can get a real doctor to help me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why do they refuse to control my Pain?

I don't understand why the VA refuses to control the severe abdominal cramping I have. I've done all I can. I went to the ER. I contacted the GYN Clinic Nurse. But... My pain today is so bad that I have tears in my eyes. With all the bleeding that has been going on the pain has only been present the past week or so. It is severe Pain. A good 9 on the scale today. It makes we worry about what is really happening to me. I feel abandoned by my Heathcare Providers! Maybe they should LISTEN to the patient for once? Oh, God in Heaven, Please ease my pain.

Pictures are a CRIME at the Va Hospital

Ok, I wanted to make a point about how dirty the VAMC in Louisville has become. I took my Digital Camera there to take some pictures for my blog. After, just three shots the VA POLICE showed up and told me that it is a CRIME to take pictures on VAMC property and that they were going to fine me $50,000 per picture AND confinscate my camera, Unless I deleted the pictures. Ofcourse, I deleted the pictures they were not even ones I wanted to use. I was just practicing. They said if I was caught taking another picture I would have my camera confinscated and be escorted off the property. REALLY? Wow! I guess they have even more to hide than I am aware of!! GEEZ, REALLY???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shivley GYN

Ok, the VAMC is supposed to open at 8 am daily. So, like instructed at the ER, I begin to call the GYN clinic at the SHIVLEY Primary Care Clinic. After over an hour of dialing and dialing the phone..... I finally called the Main Hospital at ZORN VAMC and the operator tells me that They are having a staff meeting until 12:30. So, we not only have limited access to a GYN but the only day we do have access they have staff meetings and only give us 1/2 day access to GYN.

That VAMC ER is Useless

After my appointment at the EMG on the second floor, I went to the ER because I am still bleeding vaginally and I'm into the 6th week. I would not be alarmed if I was just bleeding like a menstrual Cycle but I am pouring blood. I used 44 overnight pads in 48 hours and this is the 6th week of bright red blood bleeding. During the 5 hours I was at the VAMC, I used 7 overnight pads and bled through my clothes twice. The one and ONLY GYN Doctor has had me on Medroxyprogesterone since Easter Sunday to stop the bleeding. As you can see, it is not stopping and is in fact getting worse. But the worst part of it I have started having severe cramping to go with the profuse bleeding. The ER did a bood test. Doc there said my Hgb is 10.3 and my Hct 30. I was fine to go home. I asked about the pain. And he would not even give me a tylenol for the pain. THEY DID NOTHING FOR ME. Told me to double up on meds and call GYN in the morning that we female vets only have access to a gyn on Wednesdays.

Bromances Cinco De Mayo

Ok. so, I had an 11:00 Appointment to get an EMG done on the brachial Plexis Nerves in my left hand. I got there 25 minutes early and at 11:25 I finally asked why they were so late with my appointment and they lied to my face and said they had worked someone in and it put them behind. But It was a dead end hall none came out and when the guys opened the door they had obviously been eating an early lunch. wiping crumbs from their mouths and stashing lunch boxes. They said just enough to let me know they were lying. It seems to be a trend that employees at Louisville VAMC choose goof off together as they please and make their own hours as they please. The guys did a good job when they did finally decide to do their job.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why is there not a modern phone for patients at the VA Hospital?

I want to know why patients that live outside Louisville Metro Area can not even call their family? I have a phone that I can call California and I won't have even one more dime to pay on my bill. But if you are a patient 50 miles from your home you not only can not call your family, but your family can not call you after 8 pm. You feel isolated. And when they are treating you badly that isolation makes the problems much much worse to deal with. I don't think they want people telling anyone about the conditions at this Hospital. And, when I called Mrs. O'bannon this week I was told I need to just get over this and let them give me better care from now on. I say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO................. I WILL NOT SHUT UP........ I will see to it that everyone I can tell, I will tell my story to.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is there and Angel in Hell?

I told my story. I can't even read it without shaking and crying. But, I've complained enough. I want to tell you about the Angel that graces the 6th floor of Louisville's VA Hospital. I want to tell you about the Love and Devotion of a sweet nurse named Ms Mary McCall. Unlike the rest of the nurses, Ms Mary worked! She worked HARD and non stop. She never once gave me a harsh look or nasty remark. She was kind and sweet yet very obviously busy as a bee. Ms. Mary always grabbed as much of the trash as she seen whenever she came and went. She made sure I was comfortable and she smiled. Ms. Mary didn't slam down the water when you asked for it. Instead, she thought ahead and gave you a couple extra straws and a paper cup. She even got me some tissue paper when I started coughing up stuff. She took the time to look in my eyes and let me know that she cared. I felt safe in her hands. I bet she physically does 6 of those other women's jobs on her one shift. Ms. Mary deserves a raise. She deserves a crown in heaven.