Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went for out-patient surgery.

Friday I went for my D&C. When we arrived we were confronted by the VA police and told that the parking was reserved for Valet parking.... Stupid really..... I thought the parking was for veterans and that valet parking was supposed to be a help and not a hindrance. Now it has become one more thing the VA police can harass veterans about. I felt so sorry for the older gentleman that was told we had to park as far from the hospital as possible when all the parking was empty at 6am. Very stupid.... what difference does it make how a veteran's car gets into a veteran's parking space?????
Then we were all told that there is only one elevator that goes to the operating room receiving area. The Guy that was turning on the elevator got smart with me and the old gentleman about why were weren't using the main elevators. I hate people getting smart with you for no reason. We were doing what we were told. It turned out WE were right.
Then, when we got to the Out Patient receiving area, We were greeted by a woman named Barb who asked who was the patient and I told her probably both of us. And she got smart with me and said that they don't get women in there. I told her that I didn't appreciate that comment and found it insulting. She began to say that she was a veteran and that infuriated me to think she would make smart remarks to other female veterans instead of being a patient advocate for all women veterans and providing us health care with dignity! She then proceeded to try and engage me in an argument. I politely asked her not to speak to me and to just do her job. She glared at me the entire time I was in the waiting area. Like I needed more stress just before surgery. I think the entire hospital staff needs sensitivity training on how to treat patients, especially female patients.
The surgery went great. It has worked and the doctor has assured me that it will be more than a temporary fix. The only thing that bug me about the guy is that when you ask for pain medication he acts like you are trying to get high or something. It is offensive. I just want something to kill the pain and it could be tylenol for all I care as long as it works.
I think the staff needs to start putting the veterans FIRST... without us they have no job. Why does every single person you come into contact with at Zorn Ave VAMC seems to have an snide and spiteful attitude towards the very people they are supposed to be caring for? There are a few exceptions.

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