Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bromances Cinco De Mayo

Ok. so, I had an 11:00 Appointment to get an EMG done on the brachial Plexis Nerves in my left hand. I got there 25 minutes early and at 11:25 I finally asked why they were so late with my appointment and they lied to my face and said they had worked someone in and it put them behind. But It was a dead end hall none came out and when the guys opened the door they had obviously been eating an early lunch. wiping crumbs from their mouths and stashing lunch boxes. They said just enough to let me know they were lying. It seems to be a trend that employees at Louisville VAMC choose goof off together as they please and make their own hours as they please. The guys did a good job when they did finally decide to do their job.

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