Thursday, May 21, 2009

I found some professionals!

I started out my day at the VA today on the wrong foot. I was stopped by the VA police for going 21 miles an hour!! He said the campus speed was limited to 10 mph! I told him horse and buggy goes faster then that and cars don't even idle that slow anymore. This place can be just plain stupid...... by the way ....I looked as I was leaving and it is posted at 20 mph. Wonder why he stopped me for real?
I was on the 4th floor today to get prepped for My D&C in the morning. These people were great for the most part. They did their jobs and they did them very well, fast, and effecient. I was very impressed. That is the way you should be treated at the hospital or doctor's office. Kuddos to the 4th floor!!
Ok but there were some draw backs too. I have PTSD and as a result I have no friends. My relatives can not take off from work because I am in need of help getting 50 miles to and from My heathcare facility. So, I arranged one person to take me there and one person to pick me up. But they wouldn't let me do that!! WHAT?? No, I need someone that can stay the entire time with me. So they forced me into having to ride with the only person who could help and that is my childhood sexual abuser. Not really great for me!! But ok, I have to do what I have to do... Right? That is what the Army taught me! But then when I was explaining that I live 50 miles away..... They offered to get me a hotel room with my attacker!! I almost lost my mind right there!! It is wonderful that they would do that for most people..... but GEEZ come on!! I don't even feel comfortable having to be alone in the car with this guy. I don't understand why you need someone there while you are in surgery..... They said incase something happened.... that is dumb... what could they do if something happened? And if I died ... I'll still be dead when they get there to pick me up!! Really stupid stuff that makes it hard for people for no apparent reason.

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