Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That VAMC ER is Useless

After my appointment at the EMG on the second floor, I went to the ER because I am still bleeding vaginally and I'm into the 6th week. I would not be alarmed if I was just bleeding like a menstrual Cycle but I am pouring blood. I used 44 overnight pads in 48 hours and this is the 6th week of bright red blood bleeding. During the 5 hours I was at the VAMC, I used 7 overnight pads and bled through my clothes twice. The one and ONLY GYN Doctor has had me on Medroxyprogesterone since Easter Sunday to stop the bleeding. As you can see, it is not stopping and is in fact getting worse. But the worst part of it I have started having severe cramping to go with the profuse bleeding. The ER did a bood test. Doc there said my Hgb is 10.3 and my Hct 30. I was fine to go home. I asked about the pain. And he would not even give me a tylenol for the pain. THEY DID NOTHING FOR ME. Told me to double up on meds and call GYN in the morning that we female vets only have access to a gyn on Wednesdays.

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