Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why is there not a modern phone for patients at the VA Hospital?

I want to know why patients that live outside Louisville Metro Area can not even call their family? I have a phone that I can call California and I won't have even one more dime to pay on my bill. But if you are a patient 50 miles from your home you not only can not call your family, but your family can not call you after 8 pm. You feel isolated. And when they are treating you badly that isolation makes the problems much much worse to deal with. I don't think they want people telling anyone about the conditions at this Hospital. And, when I called Mrs. O'bannon this week I was told I need to just get over this and let them give me better care from now on. I say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO................. I WILL NOT SHUT UP........ I will see to it that everyone I can tell, I will tell my story to.

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