Monday, April 20, 2009

Is there and Angel in Hell?

I told my story. I can't even read it without shaking and crying. But, I've complained enough. I want to tell you about the Angel that graces the 6th floor of Louisville's VA Hospital. I want to tell you about the Love and Devotion of a sweet nurse named Ms Mary McCall. Unlike the rest of the nurses, Ms Mary worked! She worked HARD and non stop. She never once gave me a harsh look or nasty remark. She was kind and sweet yet very obviously busy as a bee. Ms. Mary always grabbed as much of the trash as she seen whenever she came and went. She made sure I was comfortable and she smiled. Ms. Mary didn't slam down the water when you asked for it. Instead, she thought ahead and gave you a couple extra straws and a paper cup. She even got me some tissue paper when I started coughing up stuff. She took the time to look in my eyes and let me know that she cared. I felt safe in her hands. I bet she physically does 6 of those other women's jobs on her one shift. Ms. Mary deserves a raise. She deserves a crown in heaven.

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  1. We need more wonderful nurses like her. I hope she gets a chance to read this.