Friday, April 17, 2009

Just released from Veteran's Hospital

Travisty of healthcare in Veteran's Hospital in Louisville Kentucky's 800 Zorn Ave location. I was treated worse than any human this week at a Veteran's Hospital. I am a 100% disabled female veteran with PTSD and a leg/hip injury. I had a gall bladder attack on Easter Sunday. I had to be transported to the veteran's Hospital in Louisville KY about 50 miles from my home. Watch this blog this week and I will tell the world about how HORRIBLE my experience was in this hospital. So HORRIBLE that I can not believe it myself! I can not believe this stuff could even happen in these days and times in America. All Americans should be ashamed of this crap happeneing in America. So please, I just had surgery and can not sit here to tell my tell all at once. Please follow my blog!! I want America to know what happened to me the last 6 days at the hands of people that are supposed to be my CAREGIVERS.

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