Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why the Filthy conditions at the VA Hospital?

Ok, So I finally got my butt to safety. The worst is behind me now. Atleast, I thought it was. Now, I've got to spend a couple of days calming down this extremely infected gallbladder and ready myself for surgery. They continued to suction my stomach to control the emesis and put me on IV antibiotics, and morphine. I had been bleeding vaginally since I arrived and for some reason I was using Chux bed pads instead of feminine products. I had a foley Catheter inserted so I thought that was the reason we were not using conventional methods. I spent most of my time sleeping during these two days. But, I started noticing how dirty the place was. The nurses' common practices were to leave trash in my bed, floor and tray table from finger sticks and sticks for blood tests and bloody cotton balls and tips from suringes and plastics that they removed from IV fluid bags and pieces of used tape. I was disturbed by the sheer craziness of it. How simple to tape a brown lunch bag on each side of the bed to discard this trivial trash in. I was too sick to concern myself with it. Do these people trash their homes like this?

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