Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Cleans the Patients at the VA Hospital?

I wake up on Wednesday morning. The antibiotics are working and I am feeling alittle better. My first question.... Why have I been here several days and no one has given me a bath? I smell BAD.... REAL BAD. No one has even bothered to change the chux pads under me and I have two days of blood and blood clots stuck all over me. My hair is matted to my head and the body odor is just nasty. I demand a bath. Could I have clean, blood free bedding, PLEASE? A nursing student was sent in. She was a loving and caring young oriental woman who did such a wonderful job. I was extemely humiliated at the extent of my deplorable condition and embarrased beyond imagination and I felt like it was somehow my fault I was in this shape. But when she was done, I felt clean and refreshed and ready to face the rest of this day, or so I thought. When the doctors make thier rounds they inform me that I have been scheduled for surgery today. I am so glad that it is almost over! Better news, it will be removed laproscopically! So, within an hour or so I was on my way to surgery. The first thing that happened when I got there was that a woman that seemed to be in charge of the anesthesiologist students immediately decided that my IV was too small and she herself made two attempts to insert a new one and was failing miserably and painfully. I was shocked. I have veins that a blind man could hit. A very enthusiastic student piped up and said to please let him try and if she would sign off on his paper. On his second failed attempt I FIGURED IT OUT. There was no tourniquet to pumping up my vein!!!These FOOLS were just trying to push IV's in my bare unpumped veins!! I went off!! I lost it. I screamed what kind of idiots are you people? I have NEVER heard of trying to shove IVs in people's veins without a tourniquet!! No spigmomanometer either, which is sometimes used. So, I'm screaming like crazy about this crap. They choose another student to try on the same hand the other IV is in. I'm not ready for that yet. A guy walks by and says my five rings must come off. I take a break from IV torture and remove my rings to a denture cup with a lid. And the second student applied a tourniquet and I made a fist and slippity slide it was in easily as normal. BUT, that teacher actually signed the student who failed's ticket saying he passed! How could she refuse? She showed him how to do it wrong!!! He might as well pass too. Can't get worse ... right? So then, the young man that had me remove my rings came back and gave me a shot of versed and left. Almost immediately, I was taken into the operating room. These people started shoving tubes down my throat without the medication even having time to take an effect. I was litterally fighting for my life. They were choking me to death. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up in recovery.

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