Sunday, April 19, 2009

You have to go, NOW!

About 9 am, Robin Sullivan, 802-287-5599, from Discharge Planning showed up at the door. She exuberantly asked me if I was ready to go home. I SURE WAS!! Well, She is going to have me discharged and out of there in an hour! What the heck? I came here in an ambulance. My home is over an hours drive from the hospital. My family has not even been contacted (which is another story.) My family works odd shifts and I personally live alone. My elderly Mother can no longer drive. Both my sisters have jobs during the day. One Sister could not come, PERIOD. The other Sister, would not be able to come until early evening at best. My son was my best bet for a ride. He works second shift and his wife works first shift. They have two small children. One is in Preschool until noon and it is Daddy's job to pick her up. The other is a baby that would have to be dressed and fed and taken to a sitter since the VA Hospital does not allow children. We have a very small envelope of time. Robin was off to call my Sister and my Son. I had only been up out of the bed onceand that was that morning for my bath and a short walk in the hall. But I wanted to get my stuff together and be ready to get out of there as soon as someone showed up. So I get up and start to gather my things. I found that in my severe state of illness someone sent two pair of underwear with me. I began to sob and cry. I could have been wearing normal sanitary products this entire time! I can not help but weep. I was bleeding quite profusely for a week. The chux pads and my bedding had only been changed twice in the entire week. Ladies, How many of you have ever only changed your sanitary products twice in a week? I was having profuse bright red bleeding accompanied by loads of clots and was only changed once every two and a half days! How does this happen to patients in America? I have my cry and I dry up once I realized that they would not have changed the pads either. So, I begin to look for the five rings that were removed in the surgery unit. They are no where to be found. Ok, now, I am LIVID! I call the nurse and I'm not a happy camper... someone better find my rings. I had just bought one two weeks before to celibrate the purchase of my home. My PTSD has kicked in again. I'm out of control. I want answers! They finally found my rings in one of the nurse's areas. Hum, who was hoping I'd forget them? Needless to say, I was discharged with two boxes of stuff incase I had lice, I had my rings and they had an earfull of how dirty, disgusting, and disgraceful this place really was/is. I've contacted a Lawyer (I actually called my Lawyer from the hospital room.) I'm safe at home now. I'm doing great, too. You will never get me near the VA without a fully charged cell phone and a digital camera to document everything. It is a shame because I am 100% disabled veteran that has to depend upon the VA for my care. My Mother asked me if I was scared to do all this whistle blowing because of repercussions. I absolutely AM NOT SCARED. The only thing they could do to me, worse than they have, is to murder me. THESE ARE MY CAREGIVERS. Who are yours?

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